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gear review: Fish Bomb. my “mini” camera bag.

The Quick

i was asked by to write up a little review of their new product Fish Bomb. it’s a cool little case aimed at helping photographers carry their small items like lens filters, memory cards, batteries. you know… the thing you always seem to have back in your bag when you need it! well, i’ve had mine for a few months now. i’ve shot many all day events with it and i gotta say it’s the first thing i think about when slinging my bag over my shoulder.

The Build

it’s built extremely well. the material is wet suite grade neoprene and happens to match perfectly with my shootsac. it has got a little slot on both sides so you can keep thing separated. SMART EXAMPLE: lens filter and keys.

they offer many color options, but i always prefer black. it’s just small enough to always be out of the way, but quickly accessible when you need something.

The Use

it’s really easy to attach to just about anything. there is a nice little loop that you can use to string a belt through, or the end of your camera bag strap. you won’t have a problem finding somewhere convienient to stick this little guy.

The Conclusion

would i pay $9.99 for this when i know i have pockets? short answer is YES. having little things rolling around in your pockets is extremely annoying and uncomfortable. having the Fish Bomb attached to you, but remain out of the way is a terrific solution. it also just plain helps you remember to have your essentials with you when you need them. oh! and a good reason to spend that holiday gift card you just got.

just think about it this waywould you drop 10 bucks to go back to rewrite that time you were setup to take your ULTRA important photo only to realize your flash batteries were dead and you’d have to experience the walk of shame back to your camera bag in the other room to replace them? thought so.



By far the easiest and cheapest way to make sure you’ve always got your most essential and easily forgettable items.

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  1. looks neat, thanks for the review!

  2. That would be great especially for someone like me who never has pockets at weddings!

  3. Great review! The pics are perfect.

  4. Seems like a neat thing to have and a great small gift for a photographer. Thanks for the tip.

  5. Cool idea. Great review.

  6. That does look like a great stocking stuffer for photographers!

  7. Haha or maybe post holiday gift card spending

  8. Definitely worth it! Especially as I never have pockets when I’m shooting weddings.

  9. Secret confession: I love gear reviews. :)

  10. that pretty neat! …i have a birthday comeing up hmmmm

  11. Dude – great review. Thanks!

  12. Dude, that’s a pretty rad product! I might have to get one…or two

  13. Very cool! Thank you for sharing :)

  14. Super cool product Sam. I too hate stuff junking up my pockets. I gotta get one of these.

  15. Thanks for share, great review

  16. …Whoa, now I’m a little jealous. I might have to get one. Looks stretchy.

  17. great! cool idea, thanks for share it!

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