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dc engagement photos / genn and pastor

well, this is strange. i’m blogging their dc engagement photos after i’ve already photographed their wedding. weird. but awesome. i can’t wait to share the images from their wedding day. for now it’ll just be this awesome set of images from about 20 mins running around the national gallery of art  (while being stared down by security dudes), and an evening dodging rain and having dinner. these are two of the most creative and hard working people i’ve met so keep a look out for their wedding photos.

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  • wow…that was just too much awesome in one pos! You made art out of other peoples art!

  • What he said. Animated gif ftw.

  • awesome sauce brotha, as always. I love the side shot of them on the escalator.

  • Sigh. These are just so wonderful. You are kicking booty with the awesome.

  • Dude, bringin’ the heat! This is you best yet 😀

  • Omg, this IS the best engagement session ever!!! Love everything about it, from the couple’s personality to how you’ve framed the shots! Awesome!

  • Oh wow .. I love the animated GIF 🙂 .. And your use of subtle tones is awesome 🙂 !

  • Love them all Sam! Great job!

  • Just gorgeous!

  • I want to echo the “awesome sauce” above. I’m loving the simplicity of the escalator shot man, as well as the hands shots. Killer

  • Umm. There’s too much awesome sauce in this set. TOO MUCH. You should be fined for over-awesomeness.

  • HA! Love this set to bits man! So good!

  • Skills. Mad ones. Also, animated gif FTW!

  • Favorite session of yours ever. <3

  • in LOVE with this engagement session. one of the best DC e-shoots i have EVER seen!!! just magnificent!

  • Cool dude.

  • wonderful, wonderful! i love every one, but the elevator shot is really something else.

  • I adore how much fun you caught here. You made the most of a gorgeous, fun couple and awesome locations!

  • Cute couple. Escalator shot = epic.

  • FANTASTIC PICS!!! I love em all. I am truly inspired. Need to upgrade my creative skills…

  • Sara

    What a refreshing set of photos! Loved every single one =)

  • You da man. I love the organic, muted processing. Your clients look happy in front of the camera!

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