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in short, dog people are my kind of people

started this shoot off by finding 5 dollars floating in the wind while i was walking to their place… i gotta say it was a good omen. these two (and their dog!) made it all too much fun. i don’t think i’ve ever seen images like this done in georgetown 🙂undefined


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  • Love the shot with the negative space. Great set!

  • What an adorable session! I love her shoes and the shot through the bars!

  • Great serie once again !

  • I love it when they bring a doggie! Looove that first shot but all of them are great.

  • Great photos! So playful!

  • Fun! My fave is the somewhat chaotic one with the couple, dog and traffic light sign.

  • Love that last shot, what a great silhouette! The whole set is really nice though, great compositions and I love them playing around with the dog.

  • Dude! Epic shoot! Love #14 and 15!

    Did you use the 45PCE and shifted the perspective for #14?

  • That first shoot looks like a very sweet moment, nice work. They seem like a very happy and fun loving couple and your work really brings that out.

  • So cute with the dog! I really enjoy when clients involve their pets in shoots too.

  • i love pups in photos! I also adore the 2nd to last pic. fun!

  • Oh my gosh, the first shot of Katherine & Ted playing with their dog is amazing1

  • Love them all – especially this one:

    More people should take pictures with their dog.

  • …okay you already know how cute this session is and how adorable the couple is and how groovy the tones are and how lovely the negative space is and how awesome the dog shots are so there really isn’t much left for me to say…
    (p.s. I’m a huge fan of your work, and one day our paths will cross is Richmond, VA because I have seen you travel and shoot there and I do too sometimes!!!!!)

  • Dog people are my kind of people too Sam. Great session. So many great shots. The shot Paul linked is killing it!

  • Loving the tilt shift images! Great session!

  • Very creative shooting! Great to see pets in the shoot!

  • Aw, I adore that last shot with the dog! So cute!

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