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Washington DC Wedding Photographer / Katherine and Ted

after having such a blast with katherine and ted during their engagement session i just couldn’t wait to photograph their wedding day. it was a craaaazy hot day, but everything came together with their ceremony at dahlgren chapel in georgetown university and a gigantic celebration at the national museum of women in the about a gorgeous venue! after delicious meals and touching toasts everyone took to the dance floor to let loose. night song TORE IT UP. they had everyone on their feet all night it seemed. congrats to you katherine and ted and i hope hawaii was a blast 🙂 by washington dc wedding photographer sam hurd


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  • DUDE! This wedding is incredible. As usual, the mix of pertinent details and moments is spot on, and that first .. first dance shot is epic, as is the craziness that was the reception. Nailed it.

  • Awesometastic.

  • What Brenizer said. Wouldn’t expect anything less.

  • DANG your reception shots and lighting are… perfect. sooo many awesome moments you nailed. i mean everything before that is awesome too – the venue shots? cake image from above? bridal party image? yeah…. pretty much what brenizer said.

  • Sam Hurd… you are freakin rad dude. Ryan described it perfectly!

  • Some seriously awesome coverage there!! So hard to pick a fav, but those first dance images are way up there!!

  • Yeah, Awesometastic is right! Great shots at the reception!

  • Fantastic. Amazing colour and better composition. Amazing images. And man – that looked like it was a good party.

  • There must be something in the water in Washington because there are some stunning photographers in that town of which you are one,love it

  • Pretty amazing. Every shot is great. I love the wide shot outside the church!

  • What stunning coverage! Loving all the candid reception images!

  • This wedding is so good, Sam. And I’m loving how absolutely stunning her dress is. Just… love!

  • sam, you dominated this my friend. and that bar is so epic. i shall put one in my house.

  • This wedding is stunningly gorgeous from beginning to end.

  • Looks like quite the party! I LOVE that shot of all of the bouquets. Fantastic photographic coverage and beautiful images.

  • Dude! Absolutely killer! Love every single image. That shot of the bride and groom dancing in between the guests just blows my mind. Love it!

  • Textury-goodness. Sweet idea on the spicket shot!

  • Stunning work, love the venue and your cake shots really stand out.

  • That is a stunning dress, stunning couple and stunning reception! Beautiful.

  • love those socks! beside that, that reception looks like it was a ball! what fun photos

  • Greaa coverage Sam and hey not only do you have a great name, your post processing is amazing too!

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