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i’m photographing chris and shannon’s wedding in just a few short weeks! we decided to fit in a little time to get to know each other more and make some really fun photographs in the process. i haven’t been blogging many documentary photographs this year so I decided to add a few of those at the end of the post. enjoy!

























Photography by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Sam Hurd

About Sam Hurd

Sam is a professional wedding and editorial photographer based in the Washington DC area. He photographs 40+ weddings a year, press events, commercial portraiture, and regularly hosts workshops in his Baltimore MD studio and around the world. His work has been published internationally including the Wall Street Journal, the NYTimes, and the Washington Post. He's available for commissions worldwide.

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  1. You should blog more lifestyle work. Also this is beyond awesome:

  2. Agree with Paul. Stellar

  3. Killin it as always!

  4. you and your images, are truly epic, sam. i fall in love with your shoots more and more every time.

  5. I looooooove this session… Sam You rock!!!!!

  6. Dude. Man. You’re from a different world.

  7. LIKE!

  8. Amazing work as ever Sam – love seeing your new posts!

  9. The art images compliment the lifestyle images really well…bravo!

  10. crazy beautiful!

  11. excellent work. also, some of your b&w conversions are quite lovely.

  12. Wow, everything about these are incredible. The b&w are stunning.

  13. Beautifully done dude.. Love the documentary images. Crazy good!

  14. Amazing as always Sam

  15. The documentary ones are my faves :)
    Although I love every one of the portraits, so creative and there isn’t one I wouldn’t hang on my wall!

  16. GEEEEZE Sam. best set of photos I have seen in a long time. Can’t wait to see their wedding photos!

  17. …I mean, what do you say? a masterclass

  18. Absolutely adore these. They are all amazing, but I especially love the lifestyle ones. Gorgeous couple and work.

  19. Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

  20. second image. SO GOOD

  21. sam, youre killing it man. crazy good stuff.

  22. Just… OMG to all of it! Seriously all of it is amazing, Sam!

  23. Love all the cool compositions in the first part! And that last photo is amazing!

  24. Love the reflection images!

  25. I LOVE this session. Actually all yrru work! i am about to get lost for hours.. I can just tell.

  26. I love the pic of them between glasses with all the reflection! Insanely creative post! You always surprise me Sam.

  27. Awesome framing; how do you find such sweet locations?

  28. I love your work! Really stunning.

  29. amazing pictures. Hard to pick one two or even ten favourites!!! ’03 -refelections’ is so cool.

  30. I love the second picture. It is like having pictures while there are lots of falling stars..Romantic.


  1. [...] a few weeks after photographing their engagement session at the national museum of art in downtown dc i had the honor of shooting shannon and [...]

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