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marcy > engagement session < rahmin // dc wedding photographer

there’s no such thing as too much fun. i went home and immediately watched jurrasic park after this.

















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  • Killer indeed. Great fun stuff man

  • Are you kidding me!? This is so awesome. Where do you even find a place like this? I looked through these like 5 times and that silhouette photo is phenomenal. Well done.

  • Sam, seriously… This is the most awesome session I’ve seen in a while. KIller location!

  • Seriously loving these – the location with the dinosaurs is just awesome! Love the shots with them inside the mouth and the silhouette of them with the t rex.

  • If hate = totally dig then this is how i’d feel. I hate you, I hate your compositions, I hate your awesome use of grad filters, i hate literally everything about you. So much hate it’s unreal. SAM, so so good bro. That wide portrait against the fluffy cloud backdrop is brill.

  • wow. like, really.

  • These are SO MUCH FUN!!! I adore that second one- epic work, Sam!

  • Seriously, dinosaurs? Killing it. LOVE that wide shot of them in the sky 🙂

  • Second image down. Canvas. Big one. Do it. Do it.

  • I love EVERYTHING about this session. Too hard to pick a favorite, although that silhouette is amazing…there’s soooo much good to be found here!!

  • Seriously, these locations! I want some of this awesomeness too. You are one of the most creative photographers out there. I just pretty much love every single image that comes out of your camera 🙂

  • NICE! I love the uniqueness of the location and the “fun” you were able to capture with this session… keep up the good work.

  • Haha! I love these guys already and I don’t even know them. And yes…canvas of 2nd one down. BIG!

  • I came back to look at this and swoon again. I love it ohso much.

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  • Love! These are fantastic!!!

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