nikon d4 & nikkor 58mm f/1.2 lens


i received the nikon d4 last week.

i bought the noct-nikkor 58mm f/1.2 yesterday.

one wedding and three engagement sessions this weekend.

even i’m not prepared for this.

Photography by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Sam Hurd

About Sam Hurd

Sam is a professional wedding and editorial photographer based in the Washington DC area. He photographs 40+ weddings a year, press events, commercial portraiture, and regularly hosts workshops in his Baltimore MD studio and around the world. His work has been published internationally including the Wall Street Journal, the NYTimes, and the Washington Post. He's available for commissions worldwide.

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  1. Sexy combo ¡ we want to see some results … i think could be awesome ¡

  2. Big difference between the 58mm and the 50?

  3. I ordered a 5D MIII. Is time to renew all the gear for everybody!

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