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so, i usually use a fantastic technique called the brenizer method very minimally for my ongoing portrait series, but i decided to give it a shot with something a little special… the first kiss.


this is a 12 image pano shot with the nikon d4 and nikon 135 f/2 lens

i shot everything around the couple using horizontal frames. i shot the entrée left side up and down, then the right side, then above and below the couple. I shot the center frame of the couple last.

most people seem to think i took the couple first, but actually it’s important that i did the audience and other elements first as people start to clap and move more once the couple starts kissing.

too bad i pulled this off too late for submission to the recent brenizer method contest

Photography by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Sam Hurd

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  1. Hennessey G says:

    Great image Sam

  2. smart move shooting the couple last, I’ve done the brenizer method for a few first kisses and it’s always a frantic hurry to get the outer frames before other stuff starts happening!

  3. Amazing! Thanks for a great night!

  4. Great work!

  5. Wow, I’m only just learning about this Brenizer method. The results are amazing.
    I only wish I had known about it when I was shooting my cousins wedding :(

  6. Wow. That’s a very brave shot to do during the ceremony. It would have won the Brenizer Method contest.

  7. It should be the winner! Great shot! How many frames were used on this pic ?


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