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lauren > wedding < chris // leesburg, va

best back yard wedding ever.

their engagement session!
















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  • LOOOOVE her FLOWERS! And her dress, and the whole ceremony scene. FABULOUS shots.

  • These are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! amazing work!

  • too good man! i absolutely love your work!

  • straight skillz.

  • […] breath balls we created for this wedding. Pictures from this sweet wedding can also be seen on Sam Hurds blog.  All in all I was a little busy this past weekend so I don’t have many images to share but […]

  • Lisa Dyer

    Alas, Mrs. Moffatt! You were a vision. Everything was so YOU!! Effortlessly Meticulous! Hope to see you and the Mr. very soon!!

  • excelentes fotos , me encanto la onda de los novios, saludos.

  • awesome! beautiful work. love your processing and colours.

  • So, SO, sooo many of these are gorgeous, but that top photo is just magnificent.

  • Such great moments captured here

  • Ah, your work is such a breath of fresh air. Thank you.

  • So much goodness in here Sam. Love it!

  • Beautiful! The 1st image is just stunning!

  • Spectacular. The barn shot is fantastic – love the warmth of the lights combined with the coolness of the background.

  • Oh Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmm you shouldn’t have. I lurve the last two ceremony shots (the wider one and the flower petal one) and THOSE LAST TWO SHOTS WHAT THE HECK SO good.

  • absurdly good. that first shot was a perfect start. love the b&w of him blowing the flowers out of her hair so much.

  • Man…

  • Absolutely perfect! I can’t pick a favorite because they are all so amazing!

  • dude. this is amazing stuff sam.

  • Dude. Sooooo good.

  • My goodness Sam. You take beautiful weddings and make them epic.

  • Wow. So much WOW in this post. You really are good man, do you know that?

  • First frame is EPIC. Killed it dude!

  • These are INSANE. And when I say insane, I mean killer awesome. In love with every single one of these frames (but especially that first B&W one).

  • Stunning work, as always. Love the mix of portraits and documentary.

  • Ay.. these are so beautiful and full of life!

  • Love the b/w of her through the foliage, incredible work as always Sam!

  • Beautiful photography. I love the barn shot best.Congrats!