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travelled far from washington dc to just outside san diego for this incredible wedding w/ paul rowland…











Photography by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Sam Hurd

About Sam Hurd

Sam is a professional wedding and editorial photographer based in the Washington DC area. He photographs 40+ weddings a year, press events, commercial portraiture, and regularly hosts workshops in his Baltimore MD studio and around the world. His work has been published internationally including the Wall Street Journal, the NYTimes, and the Washington Post. He's available for commissions worldwide.

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  1. Love your work sam. Light is super nice but that last frame is killer!

  2. That last shot is incredible, amazing work as usual!!

  3. beautiful work.

    i love your creative lens use and that last frame is obviously a winner.


  4. great work, sam! that last frame is freakin’ awesome.

  5. Really wonderful work!! I love the groom portrait! :)

  6. Beautiful and modern – but those birds better not be cloned!!!! ;o)

  7. last frame is soo sooo creamy

  8. That last shot is stellar.

  9. BAAAAAH, I am so excited for you to shoot with me!!!!! You’re amazing.

  10. beautiful work. love your compositions.

  11. Crazy good frames Sam…

  12. Wow, I really love the bridal shot from outside her room. And you already know the last frame is wicked awesome. :)

  13. last frame is out of this world. great work!

  14. Gorgeous work.

  15. Banger after banger after banger. How do you do it dude!

  16. Last frame. Wow.

  17. Wedding photography dream team. Killer work Sam!

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