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i could easily blog another 17 images.

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Photography by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Sam Hurd

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  1. Absolutely incredible work Sam. Big fan of your vision

  2. I hope someday that I get a chance to sit down and discuss how you are able to just make everyones mouth drop every time you pick up a camera. Sam you are the man everyone of these shots should take the bride and grooms breath away.

  3. Brilliant as always, Sam!

  4. What a lovely wedding! These two look so genuinely happy and in love. So sweet!

  5. Sam Sam Sam. 11 really does it for me. Beautiful and candid.

  6. Beautiful work Sam! I love all the different and unique compositions.

  7. Dude…I think you should blog 17 more images.

  8. Wowowow! absolutely beautiful! Love the ceremony shot from behind. Stunning!

  9. Oh Sam. You are so good, always. Peter & Susan are so classic and lovely and every picture is my favorite.

  10. more please. So good! Love the first one!

  11. You always do such amazing work Sam. Really stunning wedding.

  12. um… WOW

    Such beautiful captures of a stunning wedding

  13. Super work Sam. Frame 2 is aces.

  14. Beautiful shots – love the skies and the tilt shift in shot 2. Great work Sam.

  15. Phenomenal work as always Sam!

  16. May I ask where this venue is?

  17. What lovely wedding photographs. You really have a great eye. Your composition is really good and coupled with great colors your photos are a joy. The couple must have been thrilled with these photos – I love the one of the b/w of the groom – the symmetry of the lights make this a great portrait – well done on a good job.

  18. I just love your photos! I’m looking for a barn to have my wedding reception in October 2014! Do you have contact information for Green Barn Farm?

  19. Hi there!

    Can you tell me where this venue is located? I have searched on the internet for the Green Barn Farm in Charlottesville and cannot find it. Thank you so much!

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