the epic workshop // santiago, chile


 i‘m so excited to announce a new full workshop. it’ll be in Santiago, Chile.

hosted by // kyle hepp


business // targeting clients. pricing. branding.
equipment // what i bring and why i travel light.
work flow // import. backup. optimize. prioritize.
epic portraits // the who. the why. the how.


food // catered lunch!

live shoot // staying creative. being inspired by and for your clients.
technique // posing. interacting. freelensing. prisming.
post processing // lightroom 4. photoshop. how i process so quickly.

i will be offering the workshop on both feb  24th and feb 26th 2013. limited to 20 people per day.
payment via paypal to register. $200. includes lunch and a translator.


Click here for Feb 24th 2013


Click here for Feb 26th 2013 -SOLD OUT!


contact me at if you are unable to pay via paypal. thanks!

Photography by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Sam Hurd

About Sam Hurd

Sam is a professional wedding and editorial photographer based in the Washington DC area. He photographs 40+ weddings a year, press events, commercial portraiture, and regularly hosts workshops in his Baltimore MD studio and around the world. His work has been published internationally including the Wall Street Journal, the NYTimes, and the Washington Post. He's available for commissions worldwide.

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  1. YES.

  2. It would be great to have yo here in Mexico City!, are you planning a something for here?

  3. Awesomeness!

  4. excellent! see you in February.

  5. I’ll be there! See you soon!

  6. I think this is pretty awesome news.

  7. Signed up for the 24th, so fired up. Can’t wait to meet you both.

  8. gracias por considerar venir a Santiago, me acabo de inscribir para el 26/02 , saludos!

  9. Are you ever going to have anything in DC?

  10. Come to europe please! I’d sign up in a heartbeat.

  11. I’m with Kirth. Are you planning on having a workshop in DC or the nova area?

  12. Sam – we would love to see you do a workshop somewhere in the Midwest!


  1. [...] how I actually rotate the prism and look for situations that it’ll yeild the best results at my workshops (yes I will also be having one in the US this year), but I encourage you to go out and give it a [...]

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