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this is what happens when your clients become your friends.

more on the way.














Photography by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Sam Hurd

About Sam Hurd

Sam is a professional wedding and editorial photographer based in the Washington DC area. He photographs 40+ weddings a year, press events, commercial portraiture, and regularly hosts workshops in his Baltimore MD studio and around the world. His work has been published internationally including the Wall Street Journal, the NYTimes, and the Washington Post. He's available for commissions worldwide.

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  1. I hate you for being so good.

  2. Absolutely stunning Sam, the shots with the stars are out of this world!

  3. Absolutely breathtaking!

  4. Magical. Only word I got. #EpicSlowClap

  5. just gorgeous

  6. these are ridiculously stunning! love.

  7. Seriously Sam? Stop it. Your amazing work is making the rest of us look bad ;-)

  8. Stunning.

  9. Love it all over.


  11. ish.

  12. bravo bravo!

  13. Awesome work, dude.


  15. I’m, like, thisclose to puking from the awesomeness in this post. Wowww.

  16. Epic. I can’t express how much I love them.

  17. Beyond honored again, Sam, to have joined you for this. So amazing the way you documented their day.

  18. Sam – this is freaking amazing. Amazingly cool, and astonishingly beautiful.

  19. you sir, are a crazy man. this is too good.

  20. WOW – and WOW! Fantastic!

  21. Terrific compositions, outstanding color. This is wedding photography to aspire to.

  22. Come on, no one should be this good! What lens did you use for that 2nd photo? Enquiring minds want to know! :)

  23. That is some cheeky awesome editing on that infinity pool pic! I only worked it out after seeing Paul’s image ;)

  24. Hurd is the word.

  25. whhaaaaaaat. ridiculous

  26. These are absolutely absurd man…some of your best work to date.

  27. This is unreal, great work!

  28. Crazy good, just crazy.

  29. So, so beautiful. I could look at that first picture for hours. And the black and white of the bride under the arches is dreamy perfection.

  30. Beautiful work.

  31. Everything a photographer aspires to be has been epitomized in every single image. Amazing, stunning and inspiring work.

  32. Wow, the framing, colors & couple are absolutely gorgeous! Love!

  33. Such a spectacular wedding!

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