jean-laurent > portrait session < caroline // new york city wedding photographer

// jl is a photographer in france. his work is amazing as seen here 

// caroline is also french and also very awesome.

// together they are my favorite french people who i had the pleasure of photographing one sunny day in new york city.

// by sam hurd

man and woman on street in nyc

creative engagement session portraits in nyc

funny engagement session portrait

black and white geometric portrait in nyc

streets of new york city engagement session

reflection portrait

nyc trees

black and white of man and woman kissing

happy couple in love

epic portrait of jean laurent

epic portrait of caroline

candid moment during engagment session

colorful engagement session

red building in new york city

creative portrait in nyc

Photography by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Sam Hurd

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  1. Great!!! Huge!!! These 2 lovers are really gorgeous! Congrats for these amazing shots.

  2. They are beautiful, great shoots !

  3. Elles sont magnifiques. Salut l’artiste! Ça valait le coup d’attendre…

  4. <3

  5. These two are wonderful. Splendid photos, really.

  6. Lovely, lovely set as always, Sam. Somehow I randomly stumbled on some of these a couple weeks back on the page of the gentleman in these photos. Thought they were rad then, but seeing them on the blog and not on Facebook, they look even radder.

  7. Splendid couple, splendid use of light, splendid shots!!

  8. The colors are amazing! Were the epic portraits ‘brenizer’ method shots?
    Btw, really miss those ‘hurding’ shots – maybe you could do some once in a while :)

  9. Awesome engagement shots. You find perfect compositions everywhere.

  10. not sure i know whats going on in this photo but it’s all sorts of awesome!

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