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matt, stefanie, and i started their pre wedding photos in front of the apartment where they first met in the mount vernon neighborhood of baltimore maryland. i had such a blast exploring the city with them and hope to shooting more engagement and wedding photos in baltimore this year. it’s a city full of such character and diversity. maybe i’m just too used to dc, but i could believe all of the interesting portrait opportunities on the streets of baltimore maryland.

// by sam hurd baltimore wedding photographer blog

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Photography by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Sam Hurd

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  1. Beautiful…so much color, so much lushness.

  2. “Lines Under A Bridge” bad album title, great photo.

  3. That below the bridge shot is awesome. Great shoot and colours.

  4. Booom, right there, that bridge shot is awesome Sam!

  5. That bridge shot is just perfect, and I love the colors. Awesome awesome!

  6. Sam, I love your work – you know that! This is awesome, the colors, your great compositions and the impression of your photos amaze me everytime! Beautiful session!

  7. Everybody already said it… but great colors Sam and great work as always ;)

  8. Killer set. I really love the 3rd from last and the one under the bridge. The lines are amazing.

  9. Love this one Sam: The elephant image too…so much goodness in that one.

  10. Warm and cool together. Top stuff!

  11. That bridge shot rocks!

  12. Sam… seriously… i mean seriously great stuff

  13. Amazing bridge shot & love the colors

  14. Awesome set bro….love the colours and tones in all these!! That bridge shot is so good.

  15. These are lovely, love the elephant shot!

  16. Killer frames Sam! The elephant frame and the flare .. greatness.

  17. Its gotta be Sam Hurd! Killed it!

  18. Great session! Lovely photos and beautiful processing.

  19. Bam! Killing it!

    The tones, lines and patterns you found on this session are outstanding. Bravo!

  20. Love how you’ve captured those! You can feel the love in every picture!

  21. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!!

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