anna > wedding < michael // washington dc

and the winner in best vow delivery: anna and michael

anna and michael had such a wonderful intimate wedding with only their most immediate friends and family in georgetown washington dc.

creative black and white bride portrait

a groom creative portrait in hotel room

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georgetown wedding vows

love actually style wedding vows

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unique wedding vows

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photography of wedding ceremony in washington dc

love actually vow during ceremony

wedding vows from bride

using signs to show wedding vows

groom emotional

wedding vows

outdoors wedding ceremony in georgetown dc

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happy bride and groom during ceremony

first kiss at small wedding ceremony

bride and groom walking down the aisle

bride and groom leaving

bride and groom walking happy

bride and groom laughing

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harsh shadows wedding day

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loving happy bride and groom outdoors portraits

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creative groom portrait

cool lighting bride and groom portraits creative


artistic bride and groom washington dc wedding portraits

Photography by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Sam Hurd

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  1. Amazing.

  2. That vow delivery is pretty amazing. A photographer’s dream come true!

  3. These are brilliant. I adore what she did for their ceremony!

  4. ha! that’s so cool. awesome images sir :)

  5. Those cue cards are one of the most wonderful things I’ve ever seen. And holy mother of idontevenknow to #s 24 & 28. Awesome set, Sam.

  6. Unbelievable, your work never fails to impress. Completely fantastic

  7. This is totally epic. Awesome, Sam.

  8. Hey Sam! Lovely work as usual! Where was the ceremony held?

  9. Wow, wonderful imagery. I love them. Great work I love your talent.

  10. Dang – so good!


    So much WINNING.

  12. This is SO special. I teared up – how sweet is this? I love the way you documented it as well. So sweet.

  13. So beautiful, Sam!

  14. This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in ages. I really want to know the story behind it!

  15. Dude. You very good…

  16. epic work bro!!!! so good.

  17. Wow, really nice.

  18. One of the most loving wedding ceremony!! :)

  19. Love your work Sam!

  20. Solid work here. It could only be Sam Hurd.

  21. Gorgeous. Cool. Creative. Beautiful. Love it.

  22. Perfection! Love this wedding, you did a great job!

  23. dude. those vows + your photography super skills. redic.

  24. Just.So.Good.
    Captivating documentary + incredible portraiture = the perfect wedding photography.
    Well done Sam, look forward to meeting you next month :)

  25. I love this so much especially the vows! so Cute

  26. Very good pictures as usual :). A great idea for oath

  27. shani munna says:

    thank you

  28. Perfection! Really like this marriage, you did an excellent job!

  29. Perfection! Really like this wedding, you did an outstanding job!

  30. Some really interesting posing and composition, really love your work :-)

  31. Cécile says:

    Magnifique Merci


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