virginia wedding photographers // caroline + darren

another photographer’s wedding ^___^ at the hotel monaco in alexandria virginia from the summer!

// by Sam Hurd virginia wedding photographers

wedding ring detail photo on a map

bride getting ready with makeup

bride creative portrait

bride with bridesmaids

16 21 27

creative portrait of the groom

groom with groomsmen laughing

bride in ceremony

laughing grandma

father of the groom

caroline and darren wedding portrait

darren and caroline creative portrait

bride and groom wedding day portrait

bridal party group photo

father giving toasts

virginia wedding photography

alexandria virginia wedding




groom laughing during toasts

bride and groom first dance

reception photo of dancing

wedding dancing photo






Photography by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Sam Hurd

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  1. That last frame is KILLER Sam great job! Love all the blogs lately! Nice to see how your year went.

  2. Matt Hyson says:

    Great series! I assisted my first wedding at this hotel. It’s a very interesting venue. I love the look of the shots you captured.

  3. Visual candy man.

  4. Groom rim shot is ace, as are the rest… Tidy work Sam!!

  5. love your style!

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