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jeremy > wedding < rebekah // bahamas wedding photographer

i photographed this wedding with the incredibly talented and world traveller kyle hepp. ashley from the middle finger project was also there, however she’s not a photograhper, haha. i can’t even begin to express how kind, generous, and fun everyone involved with jeremy and rebekah’s wedding was. it was a day i’ll never forget and a trip i’ll be hoping to relive sometime soon… it’s freakin’ cold here in dc.

check out kyles incredible photos here!

also, there are 3 prisming photos in this post. 2 are obvious, can you spot the 3rd?

















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  • The shot of the girls jumping on the bed made me grin and I la la love the 2nd to last shot. So. Much.

  • Awesome work Sam, as always! You are so damn lucky you missed the coldest days this week. Fav shot: #2 🙂

  • Wow, these are all amazing. But that third shot is superb!

  • You KILLED it Sam! So awesome that you could come, THANK YOU! I loved working with you!

  • Also, I love that Ash is now basically an honorary member of SWPB having now traveled with you and Leo and met Kat and skyped with Drew.

  • Whoah…. Dude nice work. These are gold.
    4th last is my fave though.

  • Gorgeous colors; unique perspectives.

  • Alexander

    Dude,they are incredible and awesome,keep hammering such a gorgeous stuff!

  • Big up from Czech Republic..have to say I’m big fan of your work, Sam! Love this new gallery, no. 15 is freaking amazing! bit sad you removed exifs (cannot spy anymore:))))

  • Amazing stuff man! Impressed of how fast you got this up on the blog. You got some good post production routines. And black coffee? 😉

  • Keep those creative juices flowing! You gotta check out Edmond Optics worldwide for their commercial-grade precision surface mirrors. I think you’ll have a blast with them.

  • Beautiful and so fun! I love all the emotion. Looks like this wedding was a blast.

  • Phenomenal work Sam, really dig the silhouette.

  • Fantastic wedding photography – just love the slighty ‘bleached’ effect on some of the pics!!

  • Great Shots:)

  • Jeff C

    Re: Prisming Photos – I’m going to guess images 9, 12 and 13? Thanks for your write-up on the technique, I’m definitely going to give it a try.