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joanna > wedding < françois-jérôme // durtal, france

joanna and françois-jérôme had an incredible wedding at the chateau de chambiers in the small village of durtal just a few hours outside of paris. i highly recommend everyone get married there.

i photographed this wedding with my good friend jean-laurent gaudy who arranged for this to happen. check out his work here.

// by sam hurd

destination wedding in france

detail of estate from french wedding

dc wedding photographer in france for destination wedding photos

chateu detail photos

french wedding details

bride taking down wedding dress before getting ready

bride getting ready with makeup

bride checking hair before getting married

bridal portrait in france

horse and carriage wedding in france

amazing wedding venue in france

more wedding venue detail shots

wedding venue outside of paris france

groom getting ready shaving

groomsmen cleaning shoes while getting ready

creative photo of groom putting on tie

creative portrait of groom in france

outside of church venue in france

bride walking down aisle with her mother

inside church

back of beautiful church in france

bride and groom first kiss catholic wedding in france

bride and groom exiting church in french wedding

creative bride and groom portrait on french wedding venue

dramatic black and white photo of bride and groom

cool window reflection of bride and groom

bride and groom walking happily with umbrella in france

bride and groom kissing intensly

window photo of french groom and american bride

bride and groom first dance

first cake cutting with fireworks

creative flare black and white photo of bride

late night after party photo of bride and groom with french stars


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  • I was going to say “wow.. the last four fames..” then I was like, the last five.. six.. seven.. can’t do it.


  • Wow! just amazing…just a killer!!! Once again great stuff Sam.

  • These take my breath away. Seriously. Flawless work!

  • Winners, just all winners 🙂

  • Wow! What an amazing wedding! These are all fabulous. I dont think ever wanted to get married again more.

  • Crazy awesome Portraits.

  • The man Sam did it again Yoooo.

  • Speechless man just when I think you can’t get any better you drop these on us nice!

  • These are absolutely unreal! A gorgeous couple, gorgeous location and gorgeous photographs to boot. Great job!

  • Beautiful work as usual! I would expect nothing less from you.

  • Holy amazeballs. Is amazeballs appropriate for this? I think so. Incredible work, Sam.

  • This is killer. You captured this beautiful place so well. They’re all good…but that star picture is insane! Great job!

  • Breathtaking shots. I especially love the last five.

  • What a wonderful set of images! You really captured so much emotion and love – bravo!

  • Dopeness all around. Beautiful sky in that last frame.

  • beautiful work! Such a cute shot of them in front of the cake!

  • Fantastic Sam, you kept your essential quality while really letting the feeling of France shine through.

  • That church is breathtaking, and your style fits their day so perfectly, great job Sam.

  • Laura

    wow, gorgeous! photographed like a true french wedding 🙂

  • That last photo is so awesome! Why can’t there be that much stars everywhere!?!

  • This is beautiful! The location is unreal and the light is perfect. The last b+w of the bride, gorgeous! Great work, Sam.

  • Perfect…

  • amazing work, love the way you edit 😉

  • .. the bride shot with the halo arc is s* gorgeous ..

  • Beautiful work. No one does photography like you.

  • Beautiful photos, a real sense of the story.

  • my little sister is getting married in three months and I’m sure this is going to be very helpful. Congratulations for the post 🙂

  • Gorgeous!

  • Wow, what a nice couple and beautiful pictures!