the epic workshop // australia

teamed up with alma photography for an epic 2 day workshop about weddings on the Australian coastline.


// by Sam Hurd

lightning landscape photo

australia landscape photo

alma and workshop attendies

smiling black and white portrait

funny portrait during workshop in australia

workshop attendies shooting

workshop attendies

workshop attendies taking photos

funny portrait in australia

wedding workshop portrait with creative composition

sunrise portrait session during workshop

girl in water during epic workshop australia

creative composition portraits australia workshop

couple in love laughing

freelensed portrait

mountain side of australia portrait of couple

portrait of a woman

creative use of flare

creative composition

prisming during workshop

windy day bride portraits

epic workshop australia

creative portrait session reflection

black and white portrait

australia wedding photographer workshop

funny photo of alma photography

portrait of alma


bride and groom at sunrise on australian coast

light painting portrait




02freelensing landscape photo

Photography by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Sam Hurd

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  1. Wow looks epic, now that is one workshop I wish I had been at! Just love all the awesome colours!

  2. Insane Sam!

  3. How come I’ve just noticed this. It was awesome to meet you, all these shots are brilliant.
    Such an amazing & inspiring couple of days with everyone!!!! Loving our Brenizer method shots you done of us

  4. awesome photos!

  5. Looks epic indeed..

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