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new zealand wedding photography // jonathan + bailey

you might think it’s the sun, but i can assure you it’s the moon.

jonathan is an incredible photographer himself.

// new zealand wedding photography by sam hurd

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noctilux leica 50  95 portrait

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the top of lion rock

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black and white portrait of candid moment



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  • Sam, dude. This doesn’t help me with my Canon issues and considerations to switch! These are so beautiful. As always.

  • Sweet session, Sam. You should go skydiving while you’re there!

  • So so beautiful. Beautiful composition, as always, and I hardly noticed when you switched light sources! I would’ve been so confused if you wouldn’t have explained.

  • Nice! Good emotions with your amazing colors 🙂

  • Iftekhar

    These are pretty awesome.

    And about moonlight: you must be kidding. That’s amazing!

  • That’s hilarious how she picked him up. Beautiful session as always. They’re all great, but that first shot is particularly rad!

  • I just love them, Sam. This post goes directly to my “inspiration folder”.

  • Love that she’s piggybacking him across the water! Girl POWER!! Awesome as usual Sam!