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2017 Year in review

i enter every year with fear that it could be my last. not because i’m tired of it (far from it), but because i wake up in disbelief that i’m able to do this for a living. it’s a fiercely competitive industry that outdoes itself every season.

based on my blogging frequency you might think i worked less than ever this year – but the opposite is true. i touched down for weddings and a handful of workshops across Orlando, Jamaica, LA, San Diego, Rome, Sienna, Germany, Miami, Toronto, Tennessee, Malibu, Atlanta, London, Milwaukee, NYC, Indianapolis, Ireland, Philadelphia, Brazil, Newfoundland, St. Louis, Waterloo, Kitchener, Australia, Rochester, Houston, Charleston, Pittsburgh, but mostly right here at home in Maryland, DC, and Virginia.

i value each and every person that works with me. i don’t care what you look like, what your wedding looks like, or where your wedding is located. commissioning a photographer takes trust, collaboration, and heart. if you’ve got that – you’re all set. these images are as much the people in them as they are me, and i can’t thank you enough.

and just a note about why I choose the photos that I post. every couple you see in wedding attire – that’s them on their actual wedding day!! with the real life constraints of a wedding day upon us. believe me, i have thousands and thousands of beautiful moments of getting ready, ceremony, and receptions from every wedding i shoot. it’s just that… i prefer to show the times of the day when i’ve had the most creative control. where my vision comes through the strongest. i find when that resonants with potential future clients… they turn out to be the absolute best clients i could ever work for.

all of these were edited (or re-edited) with my dvlop preset pack that was released mid-2017!


Jim + Gillian // doctor’s house Newfoundland wedding

it’s nearing the end of 2017 and i wrap up with my last wedding this saturday! i’ve clearly been horrible about keeping up with blogging, but maybe i’ll attempt to work backwards throughout the winter?

let’s start with this one from gillian and jim. jim is a wedding photographer himself up in newfoundland and i’m sure thankful they brought me up north for their fantastic wedding at the doctor’s house!

// all images edited with presets from my pack over on dvlop

workshops // brazil

a few weeks ago I spent some time in Brazil to teach 3 workshops with 3 different groups of photographers. I’m not sure why I agreed to do that in the middle of the busiest time of year to shoot weddings, but I’m really glad I ended up going because Brazilians are fantastic people to be around.

we experienced pouring rain and hot sunshine, but shot through whatever the weather decided on… and in the middle of the day when the light was unforgiving.

for workshops, it’s important that people observe my methods of shooting in difficult situations because anyone can take a decent enough photo at sunset. the groups were large so I took a few iPhone photos of where we weren’t able to fit everybody in thought it would be helpful to include them at the bottom of the post.

// all images edited with my dvlop pack