my video interview with

last month i was interviewed by the founder of if you’re not familiar with shotkit yet then definitely go take a look around. it’s an amazing site that was just launched to allow popular photographers a chance to show off what’s in their gear bags. my interview is pretty lengthy (about 50 mins) but if you have some time or interest then definitely check it out!

there were the questions answered:

- How did you get into shooting famous celebrity portraits such as Denzel Washington and George Clooney?
- How do you prepare for these kinds of shoots, baring in mind you always use difficult techniques?
- How was George Clooney?!
- Was it tempting for you to just use a regular lighting/photo set up with the celebrities?
- Describe a few of your unique techniques (freelens shots, RGB, prism, Benizer etc)
- How do you shoot your long exposure light painting shots
- Why Nikon? Have you been tempted by Canon?
- What camera/lens set up do you use for weddings?
- Your lens choice is predominantly wide angles with nothing over 58mm. Don’t you need long lenses for weddings?
- Describe your use of the Litepanels Croma.
- How do you like the Sony A7r? What do you use it for?
- How do you like the Leica M9? What do you use it for?
- Any tips for aspiring photographers?


dc photographer interviewed with shotkit

road trip! anyone want destination weddings?

i’m currently road tripping down the pacific northwest coast with nessa k and sara & dylan! here are a few of my favorites photos so far but we’re shooting so much every day it’s hard to keep up! in fact, it’s probably best to follow me on my Facebook page for more frequent. the drive down highway 101 is so incredible beautiful i hope i can photograph destination weddings here some day soon.

road trip

abandonded train bridge vance creek redwood tree ultra wide leica pacific northwest outside of portland

baltimore photographers // a day at the national aquarium

i spent some time at the national aquarium hanging out with some other baltimore photographers and enjoying the incredible enclosures they have built there. i’m hanging out in austin right now but wanted to share a little bit of the personal work i’ve been doing. always nice to have a little extra time to photograph other subjects between weddings.


baltimore aquarium sea horse

jelly fish creative photo

inner harbor aligator

shark portrait

creative jellyfish shark