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sony a7s review // sony a7s vs a7r

Click here to read my full sony a7s review and a comparison between the a7s vs a7r by Sam Hurd

sony a7s review

cylburn arboretum wedding // ned + kimiya

nothing surprises me; i’m a scientist.

// cylburn arboretum wedding pictures by sam hurd

cylburn arboretum wedding outdoors

bride and groom candid moment

creative bridal portrait

creative portrait of a groom

groom with groomsmen laughing outdoors

bride with bridesmaids laughing together

artistic portrait at cylburn arboretum

ned and kimi laughing together

awesome trees

tilt shift portrait of the bride and groom kissing

bride and groom entrance laughing

reception photos of bride and froom laughing

ned on stage singing a song

ned singing with wedding band on stage

groom singing on stage with wedding band

cylburn arboretum wedding night portrait of bride and groom in a huge maple tree at

fernbrook farms wedding // xiao + becca

time-traveling is just too dangerous. better that I devote myself to study the other great mystery of the universe.

// fernbrook farms wedding photography by sam hurd

bride walking to frist look

groom waiting for bride first look

creative wedding portrait with sun flare

bride with her bridesmaids laughing

bride and groom walking out after ceremony

bride and groom portrait in an old attic

huge mapel tree with wide angle lens for bride and groom

portrait of a bride at sunset

sunset portait with bride and groom

night photo with light painting at farm brook wedding venue

night portait with huge maple tree