Freelensing // Photography Techniques


It’s usually rare for photographers to share techniques that they use in a very public way. Many offer workshops (I do) and many just try to maintain a competitive edge by keeping their secrets and tips closely guarded. I think …

Prisming // Photography Techniques “Hurding”


Now that I’ve moved on a developed a few other photography techniques it’s time for me to explain an older one I used a good bit throughout the 2012 wedding season. I call it prisming (others are starting to call …

epic portrait \\ michael phelps


Michael Phelps – September 19th 2012

The Gear

Lens: Noct-Nikkor 58mm f/1.2

Lens ND Filter: B+W 103

Camera: Nikon D800

Technique: 3 shot Brenizer Method

Light Sources: 1 Einstein 640 WS by Paul C. Buff

Light Modifiers: Paul C Buff