austin texas photography workshops // jonathan + theresa

neat tree in texas

decided to throw together a last minute workshop a few days before i visited austin texas and it couldn’t have been more fun. austin has some truly awesome people.

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siena italy wedding photographers workshop

streets of siena italy

travelled to Siena Italy to teach my workshop for siena italy wedding photographers. it was hosted by roberto panciatici in his awesome studio and sponsored by nikon!

siena italy wedding photographers

wedding photographer workshop images

freelensed portrait of couple in siena

loving couple in italy

wedding photographer workshop

epic portrait

epic portrait

street portrait in siena italy

panoramic photo of italian woman

couple portrait

engagement session in siena italy

laughing couple in town square

creative wedding photo

streets of siena italy

group photo from workshop

wedding photographer workshop in monterrey mexico

mexico wedding photography

first two wedding photographer workshops of the year are finished. thank you so much to fer juaristi for opening up his home and hosting the two days. you have a beautiful family and are incredibly kind.

thank you to all …