wedding photography workshops // the epic chicago

prisming portrait

we came. we saw. we conquered… twice. again.

// wedding photography workshops by sam hurd

chicago wedding photography workshop

prisming portrait with engagement session

creative portrait compositions

prisming portrait

walking around in chicago park downtown

engagement session in chicago neighborhood

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epic portrait how to

ivy behind couple in engagement portraits

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dramatic portrait during engagement session

chicago wedding photorgaphy

workshops for wedding photographers // the epic milwaukee

milwaukee engagement photos

perfect! my experiment worked! they’re all exactly 25 minutes slow!

// workshops for wedding photographers by sam hurd

milwaukee engagement photos

wedding photographer workshops

couple in love during engagement photos

creative compositions for wedding photos

couple laughing together in a candid moment

really cool wide shot of amazing clouds after a storm

couple walking around neighborhood

dramatic black and white and quiet moment

couple laughing with eachother

creative compositions

group of attendees from milwaukee workshop

workshop wedding photography // the epic charleston, sc

freelensing technique

we came. we saw. we conquered… twice.

// workshop wedding photography by sam hurd

charleston wedding photography

charleston photography workshop for wedding photographers

couple laughing together in charleston south carolina

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freelensing photography technique

couple laughing together

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couple laughing


freelensing technique


prisming photography technique

rgb creative photgoraphy technique

charleston portrait session

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engagement session

awesometrees in charelston south carolina

group photo from the epic workshop review

charleston workshop grou photo

amazing cloud in charelston south carolina