the epic almaworkshop // south coast, australia

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i’m taking this show across the world to speak at Alma’s Workshop in South Coast, Australia

october 23rd and 24th

read more info and sign up here!

// by sam hurd

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the epic workshop // london

uk workshop london wedding photographers

new friends flew in from as far as germany and virginia to talk shop and make photos in london yesterday.

sadly, no group photos exist of this, however these do…

uk workshop london wedding photographers

london wedding photographers workshop

epic workshop photos

video light photographer workshops for weddings

artistic workshops for photographers of weddings in london

outdoors engagement session photo

destination wedding photography by dc photographer sam hurd

uk london photo session engagement

artistic black and white portrait of couple

rgb effect in wedding portrait workshop by sam hurd

the epic workshop // london, uk


 i’m so excited to announce a new workshop. it’ll be in London, UK.

business // targeting clients. pricing. branding.
equipment // what i bring and why i travel light.
work flow // import. backup. optimize. prioritize.
epic portraits // the …