morning mexico workshop topics

business // targeting clients. pricing. branding.
equipment // what i bring and why i travel light.
work flow // import. backup. optimize. prioritize.
epic portraits // the who. the why. the how.


food // it’s on me

afternoon topics mexico wedding photography workshop

live shoot // posing. what i look for in a scene. being inspired by and for your clients.
technique // freelensing. lens chimping, prisming. rgb-ing.
post processing // lightroom 5. photoshop. how i process quickly.

Here are some blog posts from previous workshops

Australia —- Chile  —- Italy

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  1. Hi , I have been looking at your workshop with great interest, I love your creative work and oten marvel at your images. I am just beginning in my business, and am starting with primarily families and children, although am intrigued and interested in doing more portrait work… was wondering ,in your opinion, do you think your workshop appropriate for my genre, and stage of my business?
    Thanks for your time.

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