The Epic mini.SHOP

mini shop

workshop from your couch
one-on-one video and screencast via google hangout (or skype + for you non-googlers)
portfolio review
no topic is off limits


the how and the why of:
post processing and workflow
light modifiers and techniques
freelensing for epic results
why i can shoot anywhere at anytime




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interested in a group workshop?


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  1. Ciao Sam…
    would LOVE to have a onetoone with you…
    let me know!!!!
    Grazie mille

  2. Hi Sam,

    Hope you are doing well down in D.C. It’s been a crazy week here in Boston. Scary stuff. I started doing photography 2 years ago and have found myself in a rut. I’m ready to take things to the next level. A friend of mine recently did a remote workshop with a photographer and said it really helped her. I’ve been struggling with editing quickly and creatively so that is something I’d like to focus on with you. I really love the sense of substance/body you get with your colors and “matte” look. Makes the pictures feel physical even though theyre digital. Do you have room in your schedule this coming month for a session? I’m also intrigued by your statement “why i can shoot anywhere at anytime.” Best, Jordan

  3. Luis Sandoval says:

    Plans on any workshops in MD soon?

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