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eastern shore wedding venues // dylan + caroline

you guys must be studying the *abridged* book of ninja fighting.

\\ eastern shore wedding venues photos by sam hurd

best dc wedding photographers

engagement session photo

trees at sunset with couple

happy couple in love

girl watching bride get ready

bride checking herself in the mirror

the hyatt in cambrdige wedding ceremony

flower girl

bride and groom laughing walking down aisle

incredible clouds during portraits

bride and groom on eastern shore

groom with groomsmen

reception with toasts

dancing photos during wedding reception

guys holding groom up while dancing

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  • levi sherman

    That first one… how the hell?

  • Lacy

    How is the first image done “in-camera” though? I know that’s your specialty… but, if that’s not at least a double exposure, you’ve blown my mind.

  • Great set of pictures Sam. I particularly like the shot of the flower girl looking wistfully as the bride gets ready. A lovely moment

  • These images are dramatic and fun! Absolutely amazing work!

  • My “theory” for the first image’s technique in camera.
    Tripod, take initial shot with groom in a double exposure mode, covering right half of the lens right down the center with a card, do the opposite later with second exposure, after marking the couples position, and lighting the bride that time at night. Regardless of how its done, that image (and the entire gallery) is outstanding.