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gear review: Fish Bomb. my “mini” camera bag.

click to read my full review of the echozen fish bomb camera filter, memory card, battery, and all-purpose case…

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  • looks neat, thanks for the review!

  • That would be great especially for someone like me who never has pockets at weddings!

  • Great review! The pics are perfect.

  • Seems like a neat thing to have and a great small gift for a photographer. Thanks for the tip.

  • Cool idea. Great review.

  • That does look like a great stocking stuffer for photographers!

    • Sam

      Haha or maybe post holiday gift card spending

  • Definitely worth it! Especially as I never have pockets when I’m shooting weddings.

  • Secret confession: I love gear reviews. 🙂

  • that pretty neat! …i have a birthday comeing up hmmmm

  • Dude – great review. Thanks!

  • Dude, that’s a pretty rad product! I might have to get one…or two

  • Very cool! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • Super cool product Sam. I too hate stuff junking up my pockets. I gotta get one of these.

  • Thanks for share, great review

  • …Whoa, now I’m a little jealous. I might have to get one. Looks stretchy.

  • great! cool idea, thanks for share it!