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Gear Review: Sigma 85mm f/1.4 EX DG HSM

If Sigma’s 85 1.4 could spit… Nikon’s 85 1.4G wouldn’t be worthy of bathing in it. I can’t think of a single reason not to get this lens. Click here to read the full review…

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  • Last image is crazy awesome – love the distortion & reflections! Well balanced gear review as well , maybe include range of images shot at different apertures to show the bokeh, focal limitations at shallow DOF, CA / flare and edge sharpness. Congrats on the new website!

  • Agreed. This is my main portrait lens and I loooove it.

  • Harlowe

    Hello there! i have recently stumbled to your awesome website and i really love your photos and also your reviews! I was wondering if you are willing to share your post-process regiment for i really like the colors of your photos. And also, I will be buying the Sigma 85mm 1.4 EX DG HSM real soon and i am very excited!

  • Harlowe

    So I got the 85 sigma and I fell in love with it instantly! The optics are ,IMO , on par if not better then nikons offering. My only issue is the AF is hit or miss… Did you have to fine tune the AF of your copy ? I set mine to -7 and it helped but it is still inconsistant. I want to shoot and not worry all the time if the shot is in focus or not.

  • Erik

    Harlowe, that’s why u pay double price for nikon, to shoot and do not worry about focus. such a truth :/ greedy pays twice.
    i want one, i would like to get sigma, but it looks like i’ll have to pay the full price for 1.4g if i want problemless life.

  • Hjalmar

    I recently bought it following many reviews posted on internet sites, and I have no regret at all. I was using the Canon 100mm f/2 and Sigma beats my Canon in almost all aspects and the bokeh is amazingly good due to its insane shallow DOF. This will be my lens to go in indoor photo when flash is not allowed.

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