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helena + steve // Stone Tower Winery wedding
helena + steve // Stone Tower Winery wedding
helena + steve // Stone Tower Winery wedding

i’m jumping back on the blog train!

starting with these two lovely folks and their Stone Tower Winery wedding

01 best creative bride portrait 02 Stone Tower Winery wedding 03 bride and groom 04 Stone Tower Winery 05 monetn of bride 06 Stone Tower Winery wedding 07 Stone Tower Winery ceremony 08 Stone Tower Winery wedding 09 laughing couple in love 10 sotic portrait 11 wedding at Stone Tower Winery 12 Stone Tower Winery ring of fire 13 Stone Tower Winery 14 portscape 15 creative wedding photo at Stone Tower Winery

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  • Beautiful, very beautiful! What a Lens?

  • Just wow

  • Very very beautiful photo although it seems to me this couple has already argued about something….but as Shakespeare says “the course of true love never did run smooth”.

  • I am counting the days until your Minneapolis workshop

  • I love how you use negative space! It creates an intimate feel.

  • Hot damn. Too good

  • diTTo

  • Me likey.

  • Beautiful picture x

  • Chuyên gia chụp nè vợ Trang Xanh

  • Christine

    This very last image is one of the most amazing I’ve ever seen. It’s so beautiful and unique! I love how simple it is.

  • A Merry Moment

    That last photo is so cool! Is it by dragging the shutter?

  • Chadwick Gantes

    Dang all of these are epic! (No pun intended.) Question: The last image in the blog set… How did you do it? Shutter drag? Looks amazing!