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it wasn’t easy, but i have blogged new zealand.

i’m a photographer… not a writer. i’m not going to sit here and spill my guts about how incredible my experience was in New Zealand. hopefully my photographs can relate those feelings more than my words ever could. so enough of wasting your time:

edit: i should add that the dude in the photographs is my best friend tucker. except for the lord of the rings characters. that’s me.


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  • HOLY WOW. These landscapes are absolutely breathtaking!!! Stunning! Can I have some wall prints now please? 🙂

  • These are stunning! Truly breathtaking scenery. I hope I get to visit NZ one day and take similar photos!

  • What a cool place. Never been there, but these photos make me wanna go!

  • Holy cow, I love this!! The views are just gorgeous and your processing (so often with such vibrant colors) is to die for. Hope you had a fantastic trip, you certainly have many, many amazing photographs to remember it by 🙂

  • That is some seriously awesome landscape work! Gorgeous!

  • Amazing! Its decided. I will see New Zealand before I leave this planet. Beautiful captures Sam!

  • I live here and these are more beautiful than anything I’ve ever seen! Mad kudos!

  • STUNNING! Simply stunning photography! I’d print big and hang most of them in my room! -Vadim (Tampa Wedding Photographer)

  • A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

    Incredible images man! Ive hopefully scored a NZ wedding for the end of this year! You’ve just totally amped me even more 🙂

  • OK I don’t even know where to begin because every image is so stunning and breathtaking!!!!!! This is insanely amazing. I have so many favorites! The snow mountain with the still water, the yellow kayak on the water, the crazy highway the goes into the mountain, and of you guys dressing up lol!! Beautiful job.

  • Sam, you had me at Beer and Benevolence. Then you had to go rub it in.

  • Wow, so many stunners there! What a fabulous trip. You captured the scenery of such grandeur just perfectly!

  • Ummmm, I want to go to there. Thanks to you I think I may want to go to New Zealand now over Italy for my second honeymoon. All jokes aside, stunning imagery!

  • This is an amazing post, however I am disappointed that none of my MS-Paint Lord of the Rings edits made it into the blog

  • thank you so much everyone! if anyone wants a print you know where to find me:)

    and nathan… you shouldn’t be too surprised…

  • I LOVE the lens choices here. Gorgeous landscapes, Sam!!

  • Pretty much the most EPIC post ever! Picking a fave is an impossibility, each is as great as the last 🙂

  • Dude – these are simply ridiculous. Awesome job.

  • greta

    one print of each, kthx.

    seriously, these are incredible.

  • absolutely awestruck

  • Holy cow, these are world class. OK, so its the only the 1st week of Jan but i doubt im gonna see a set of images that beat these all year! Awesome work!

  • Holy smokes Sam. These are amazing. Very envious — I really want to make it down there someday. Your pictures will be a huge catalyst for anyone who has ever wanted to travel to that part of the world.

  • Looks like you had a lot of fun on your trip. And you captured a ton of great photos.

    #36 is epic!

  • Man, these are incredible! I went to NZ back in September of 2009. I was there for 15 days and felt incredibly homesick when I returned to the States. There’s just something about that place… it’s magic. I left part of my heart there and can’t wait to go back.

  • Stephanie

    amazing NZ photos!!! wow, gorgeous!

  • Nice photos. Perfect shots. New Zealand is extremely picturesque.

  • Nice photos. Perfect shots. New Zealand is like a heaven on earth…so picturesque.

  • Mark

    Amazing stuff…went down there with Family from Auckland but my photos on the D90 don’t look like these!!! How do you get them so nice and ‘contrasty’, is it due to the D700 or some post processing you do? or both?!!!

    Love your work, would get you to do our wedding if flying you over to Auckland wasn’t so expensive….your work is some of the best I have seen.

  • Damn dude, is there anything you don’t rock?!

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  • insane….on the bucket list, and this post pushes me closer!

  • Blythe

    Sam, incredible. Wish I could truly express my enthusiasm and appreciation!

  • Gotta say. New Zealand has never been a place where I’ve *needed* to visit, but after seeing these photos, I may have to reconsider. Holy awesome landscapes!!

  • via New Zealand Landscape Photos | Lord of the Rings | Amazing…

    via New Zealand Landscape Photos | Lord of the Rings | Amazing…

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