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nessa visits iceland
nessa visits iceland
nessa visits iceland

nessa and i had a few days layover in iceland on the way to the UK last week so i snapped a few photos of us driving around.

all photographs with the leica MP and a variety of lenses including the 50mm f/0.95 noctilux, the 12mm f/5.6, and 24mm f/1.4

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  • Incredible!!!…also, I want her coat!

  • Effing incredible.

  • I’m curious. What with the Leica Q would have prevented 95% of these shots? The 28mm fixed?

    • Yup! Mostly 😉 I’m being a bit tongue and cheek with my dislike of the Q, but having shot a few days with only my MP really did reinforce my feeling that shooting Leica is much more about the experience of using their cameras than what they are on paper. The Q does not provide even remotely the same experience as I get from the M series. Maybe I should just get over that, but Leica has the ability (much like apple) to create very strong emotional connections between their products and customers precisely because the experience and design of their stuff is so unique and thoughtful. I didn’t get that emotional connection with the Q at all.

  • man.. when I was there in April it was covered in ice.. so much more beautiful now!

  • wow.

  • If you took these with your Nikons, I would not be able to tell the difference. They are all stunning Sam.

  • Holy Crap, these are amazing.

  • Just fantastic stuff. Do you shoot the M-P in Live View as much as you do with your Nikons?

    • not really much at all unless I’m using the 50 .95 because the DOF is so crazy shallow

  • really inspiring stuff, Sam Hurd Photography. Quite possibly my favorite series of images Ive seen from you (which says a lot)

  • Gorgeous post!!! Iceland looks incredible…

  • Eliza

  • You just took us on a free trip to Iceland through these photos Sam, incredible photos!

  • Wow. Seriously. These are incredible man! Great job!

  • i love it

  • Incredibly beautiful!

  • Leica + Iceland = so Bueno.

  • They’re all the same focal length?

  • How are these even posible?

  • Kerri Kingston

  • How does this kind of a place even exist. It looks straight out a fairytale!

  • We’re wanting to get married there next year! I’m even more excited!

  • The one in the mist….wow

  • Precioso

  • Love.

  • Celesté Havenga

  • <3

  • Haha David big change from January! !!

  • I was there this march – crazy how different everything looks now. I need to go back in summertime! Love all those colors!

  • Iceland is my dream, looks incredible

  • Wow! Wow! Wow! No words.

  • Those photos are spectacular!!!

  • miss iceland sooo much

  • Outstanding images, Sam! Can’t wait to see Nessa’s too!

  • great!

  • Sweet images bro. Iceland is incredible. Beautifully captured 🙂

  • so awesome!! love all of these- isn’t it just the most amazing country?!

  • Omg, these are all absolutely stunning!!!

  • One of the most beautiful frames from one of my favourites places in the world….

  • Incredible images Sam. Iceland is amazing!

  • Beautiful!

  • Absolutely stunning and captivating images. Nessa is a true beauty.

  • incredible frames man! Makes me want to book a flight out there asap.

  • Whoa

  • amazing

  • Wow. Amazing. You should be paid by the Iceland tourist board.

  • Just incredible

  • amazing!!

  • Curious… do the colours come out that punchy soc on the MP? Amazing saturation & contrast. Wow.

  • Pat Sheppard favorite photographer just went here

  • Simply great, humbling work.

  • i’m pretty sure everyone you know is jealous of you right now.

  • Beautiful! Would you please share how you created #57? (the white smoky photo with vignetting)

  • omg they’re all so gorgeous and dreamy

  • C’est tro beau

  • Laura

    Gorgeous colors, Sam.

  • When you look at another photographer’s photographs and they make your heart beat faster because they are so inspiring and just freaking gorgeous. Yea. That happened!

  • I really love this post is gorgeous.

    Greetings from México!

  • WOW how did I miss this pic??

  • Patricia Guitti

    Someone could write a book, creating stories based on this sequence of pictures…
    Thanks for giving us this pleasure of looking at this beautiful work

  • […] tell this full story, you’ll have to see Sam’s photos from Iceland, too. I love that we see the world so different, and really, I love that we’re seeing the […]

  • Jennifer longo

    Beautiful photos! (As usual)

  • Brian Logan

    Beautiful body of work!