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Rio de Janeiro Wedding Photographer – Dante + Renata

it’s not everyday i get to travel all the way to campos do jordao brazil to photograph another wedding photographer’s wedding.

renata and dante are two amazing photographers who worked tirelessly for a year to put together their incredible day.

renata blogged about it with a LOT more images of mine here.

// by Sam Hurd rio de janeiro wedding photographer

landscape photo in brazil

campos do jordao

renata getting ready

lens chimping bride wedding ready

getting ready wedding in brazil

bride putting dress on

portrait of bride with nikon 58 1 4

campos do jordao

groom getting ready

groom laughing

groom getting ready reflection

groom ready before wedding ceremony

storm clouds

ceremony site

kid exploring the wedding site

rainy day wedding flowers

wedding details

mountain side brazil wedding


brazil wedding details


mother of the bride

flower girl and dog walking down aisle

ring bearer dog

groom smiling during ceremony

bride seeing groom for the first time

groom seeing bride for the first time

father of the bride

ring bearer crying

youngchild crying during ceremony



child crying during ceremony vows




bride and groom walking to outdoor ceremony


first kiss


bride with bridesmaids

groom with groomsmen

bride and groom on mountain side portrait

renata and dante laughing

wedding portraits in maze of brazil wedding

artistic wedding portraits

portrait of bride


creative portait of bride and groom

brenizer method of bride and groom


kid dancing crazy during wedding reception





groomsmen hugging groom

bride hugging flower girl









lens chimping portrait of bride and groom

brazil wedding photographers068

brazil wedding photographers069

double exposure portrait

rainy day wedding

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  • These images are absolutely EPIC. Every last one of them.

  • Epic!

  • En verdad INCREIBLES!!

    Great great work!!

  • Oh my goodness. These are beyond incredible!

  • Geeeminee, these are fabulous. I always love your work.

  • Amazing photographs! I loved so many of them, wow, just wow

  • Lovely stuff, the maze shots in particular are amaze-ing (sorry!)

  • Awesome set and awesome couple! i want brides and grooms happy to lie on grass in the wet!!

  • For serious, these are so so good!

  • Be still my heart! That crying little boy? AHHH!!!

  • The little boy stole my heart! What could have inspired such emotion in such a little boy?? I wish I could have been there to see it. Sam, please tell us the story!

  • Kim

    What an unbelievable amount of fun this must’ve been. The portrait of the bride sitting on the bed is stunning!

  • Sam Hayat

    Stunning, Amazing, wow!

  • absolutely amazing all the way through. The maze shots are particularly awesome, and that kid dancing with the sunglasses is the coolest ever.

  • So much attention to details. Love it, and the pic of the little boy crying is breathtaking. Well done

  • I really like your compositions. The one of them in the maze is stunning! Love your work.

  • Holy sweet beautiful photographs; you and this wedding are AMAZEBALLS. Stunning location, and everything from the bridesmaid’s outfits to the ceremony is perfection, but having you capture it pushed it right over the edge!

  • spectacular portraits! Looks like so much fun!

  • Inspirational! Great processing! Beautiful wedding and couple. I hope to someday not only shoot a wedding in Brazil, but also a hedge maze. Wow.

  • Stunning. I like your composition so much

  • Superb Sam.

  • At first, my thoughts were “it doesn’t get any better than this” except by now I know you’ll shoot one of the most amazing weddings I’ve ever seen… and will somehow trump that one in just a few months. How are you so good, Mr. Hurd?

  • Off the hook! Nailed it Sam

  • My goodness you are so freaking talented. It’s clean, stylish without being too trendy, did I say clean already? It jumps off the screen in the best way possible. You are sooooo someone to keep an eye on in this industry…seriously.

  • Great wedding and great photographer. Congratulation Sam..

  • Ugh. Sam these are so ridiculously good. The location, the couple, the freakin’ dog… and your killer photography helps out a bit too 😉

  • Gorgeous photos! Your tonality and colors slay me every time, haha

  • ridiculous.

  • These photo are amazing. I love the way you do your black and whites. You’ve captured so many moments. That kid dancing, hilarious. Love them.

  • Quite beautiful work. Wonderful wedding!

  • Just incredible! Beautifully shot

  • love these !!! amazing work

  • Great work!

  • Sam! These are incredibly inspiring! Love the whole set!

  • These are no doubt some of the best wedding photos I have ever seen! They are like magic in real world! Just with images we can feel the passion, the emotions, like if we were part of the event!
    It`s really amazing! Unbelievable!!!

  • Absolutely amazing!! These pictures are gorgeous!! I really enjoyed all the bright colors and smeared lights! Creative!!

  • stunning work man, absolutely quality

  • Love the landscapes! And the Bridal is just amazing… also REALLY like the rain shot!!!