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rosie > wedding < brian // milwaukee, wisconsin

took a flight out to milwaukee for some cheese, air shows, engagement photos, and oh yeah… BRIAN AND ROSIE’S EPIC WEDDING.

brian is a wedding photographer himself!

// by sam hurd

creative milwaukee engagement session

cloudy engagement session

creative engagement photo in art museum

abstract engagement session in milwaukee

wedding ring funny photo

fine art bridal portrait in veil

portrait of groom

first look photos in woods

bride and groom first look

grooms reaction to first look

bride and groom hugging first look

bride and groom portraits in woods

bridesmaids laughing portrait

groom with groomsmen

black and white groomsmen portrait

bridal party portrait

bride and groom ceremony

bride and groom leaving ceremony with bubbles

bride and groom running underneath people at exit

portrait of bride and groom in woods

black and white wedding portraits by dc wedding photographer sam hurd

bride and groom laughing

abstract bride and groom portraits with leica m

beach side photos on great lake in milwaukee

washington dc wedding photographers

dreamy photo of bride and groom in the woods

serious photo of bride and groom at night


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  • This is genius, wonderful story-telling from someone in full command of his tools and trade. Wonderful work, Sam.

  • Haha had to double take on the bear! We dont really do the ‘first look’ in Australia, but I wish we did.. that is magical. Nice work as usual 🙂

  • Moriah

    This is my favorite wedding of yours, ever.

  • Your eye for composition is amazing. The bride looking through the vale is stunning. Amazing work!

  • Dat ring shot. Seriously, man — amazing stuff. You just keep getting better and better!

  • Plain awesome! I’m utterly in love with the frames and colors you produce!

  • The veil shot- whhhhhhhhaaat?

  • Soooo good Sam! I love the portraits. Feels very authentic!

  • yeah. these. right here.

  • Chris Perscky

    All about this. Love. Veil, great job.

  • Love your composition and vision! Amazing photos

  • You deserve every good thing that comes to you, my friend. Seriously!?! The leica abstracts? The veil? The third one down from the art museum? Brilliance.

  • You’re the man. Wow..

    Those ring shots are something else hahaha

  • wonderful work as always Mr. Sam. That veil shot is to die for!!

  • Dude.

  • Dude, these are all so insanely good!

  • Sam, these are gorgeous! I love the first look, just priceless.

  • Sam you did it again. Pure awesomeness!

  • I agree, that veil shot is awesome!!!

  • First frame is soooo good! Lots of brilliant compositions that made me smile.

  • had me at the first frame =) bang up job as always!

  • Beautiful moments; well done! Love the light in the forest.

  • Your work is so damn good! Awesome wedding and super fun looking couple!

  • Gorgeous photographs from what looks to have been an amazing day 🙂

  • Beautiful work Sam!