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victoria + josh // hay adams wedding
victoria + josh // hay adams wedding
victoria + josh // hay adams wedding

hey hay adams wedding!

many of these were photographed as part of my upcoming Canon Mark IV review. so far, I love what i’m seeing.

01-hay-adams-wedding-photos 02-washington-dc-bride-portrait 03-first-dance-with-couple 04-cake-cutting 05 06 07 08-creative-couple-portraits-on-their-wedding-day 09-dramatic-wedding-portrait 10-crossing-the-street-in-dc 11-mid-day-wedding-photos 12-reflection-creative-shot 13-couple-in-love 14-streets-of-dc 15-photos-in-front-of-the-whitehouse 16-creative-reflection 17-canon-wedding-photos-with-mark-iv 18-canon-mark-iv 19-canon-mark-iv-seo

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  • awesome. what are your thoughts on the files?

  • Mark IV or A7 RII?

  • How is the mark4?

  • How does the Mk IV compare to your D750?

    • The million dollar question.

    • I have D750’s and got a 5d iv. Raw colors = much better on the 5d. Dynamic range is greatly improved over the last canon offerings, plenty good enough for anyone’s needs but not quite on par with Nikon. High ISO is strange, in that it looks cleaner, with less color noise in the shadows at really high ISO’s like 12,800 and 25,600, but has more luminance noise. You can clean the luminance noise up more aggressively because of the extra resolution though. I personally find the 5d files to be BETTER at high iso, 25,600 is really impressive, up to 5000 is extremely clean. Features, customization, and build are way better than the D750, but it’s in a higher class. As far as overall image quality, the D750 still has more dynamic range at low ISO’s, but the 5d iv is a better camera overall. No surprise there. Both are very good cameras but god, I hate the raw files from the D750 in lightroom, they are such a royal PITA to edit. That’s Adobe’s fault though. The DNG’s from the 5d mark iv have the same good canon colors that the rest of their line has always had, when opened in lightroom.

    • Marek Kunicki bit too early to come to so many conclusions (for me). Need more time with it

    • Good call,I’m trying not to get too excited yet. As you know I just returned my first one due to the left focus points focusing softly. That’s not a good first impression. As far as colors though, it’s like a breath of fresh air after shooting D750’s for two years.

    • Marek Kunicki how do you make DNG’s from 5d mark iv?

  • Thoughts on the dr please?

  • JPG edit or RAW?

    • Also dynamic range looks much improved. Happy about that. I’m more curious as how the colors compare to the Mark III, which I am not crazy about.

    • Edited raw file

    • Sam Hurd Photography Well how?! What sorcery?!

    • Yes!!! How did you edit a raw Mark IV file?!?!

    • I want to know too! It’s sitting here next to me waiting for Adobe to get it together and update their software! 😩😂

  • How do you like the live view tracking for stills. I personally love it. Nails wide open just need to convert over 2k raw files lol. Come on Adobe!

  • did you do the rename exif trick? Looks good man.

  • Am I the only one that thinks this looks a bit different than the images Sam typically puts out? The colors are a tad different (more red?). Still a great shot, but it’s interesting that the difference between the Canon & Nikon colors are that apparent (or maybe my eyes are just seeing things). I’m a Canon shooter, but I actually think I like the Nikon colors better (with Sam’s processing). Looking forward to the review!

    • I definitely see a lot of oranges and reds on the skin tones, compared to his regular stuff!

    • I felt the same way. I just recently switched to Nikon and can see a difference in my editing. All subjective though. 😉

    • Skin tones are generally better on Canon than Nikon,

    • Wow that is so sharp Sam!

    • I have to agree with Keith. 🙂

    • Keith Lee skin tones aren’t generally better on a Canon. That’s a popular statement said by canon users with no truth. Look for comparisons, nikon usually wins because more color depth, it’s just that canon shooters aren’t used to editing nikon files. Peace and love

  • Did you use Lightroom? What magic trick did you use to read the RAW file?

  • full of blue/green fringing ou CA.

  • It is a nice shot. But older cameras like d800 do perform similiar. Technically nothing speacial (in my opinion).

  • I think the most interesting question on this is, what lens do you use?

    • That is the point, man! The body is so irrelevant. There can not be any significant and visible difference compared to a Mark III. Over and out.

  • Agreed, the red/orange tones are the first thing I noticed too and in my experience that’s been one of the clear differences between canon and Nikons colors. (Maggie let’s see your samples!)

  • wth did adobe send you the update early or what…?!?! LOL

  • brown at face..

  • Did you use Canon software to edit this?

  • I know how much you love those hand babies!

  • It looks beautiful

  • Here’s a guy who is confident enough in who he is as an artist to shoot with a brand that isn’t necessarily his “norm”, knocks it out of the park and still gets complaints about things like their “skin tone”. Sam, as usual, did a fantastic job creating a piece of art for a couple who I bet is beaming with gratitude and love for this. That couple is sharp, sharp, sharp. The colors are stunning. Absolutely inspiring. And after all, that’s what its really all about. Inspiring others, both clients and others artists, to see what we may not. Bravo!

  • Put the 35Lii on it and that green CA won’t exist. I’m guessing this is the sigma 24 or 35? 24-70? Tilt?

  • Is this 5D4 your’s or Nesa’s? (I second shot for Nesa a couple years ago in Philly. Phenomenally awesome person!) I’m a 5D3 user and wish the focus was more consistently accurate. Does the 5D4 improve on focus? Many Thanks! John… Oh yeah super nice shot!

    • Mine

    • Added another to the collection lol

    • Been shooting with my new MKIV in Iceland for the last few days, John, and I can already say I’m wow’d. The focus has been much better. If you do video, the focusing is on another level. It takes the C100’s dual pixel AF and adds tracking. It’s something special.

    • Many Thanks Chad! On paper the 5D4 looks “ho-hum” but from what I’ve been reading from users experiences it’s really a big improvement over the 5D4.

  • Wow. So sharp

  • Nikon anyday

    • well… I’ve made and delievered nearly 500,000 images on Nikon. I’ve taken around 3 million actuations. After all that I know without a doubt It’s not the best at everything always. Neither is canon, but there’s no reason Nikon is the answer for everybody.

    • True that!

    • Jorge Carlos Cortazar Sabido podrías traducir plis me

  • Hello darkness my old friend

  • everybody keeps raving about the canon skin tones, I’ve shot canon my whole career and I dont really like the skin tones all that much. I love what you get out of all your nikon gear. but this image feels a bit too red

  • Muito parecido com o ruído da MK Canon EOS 5D Mark III

  • Did they update Lightroom finally?

    • I dont see an update

    • Alex Barrera Me either. I’ve been asking the adobe folks on Twitter and all they say is “We can’t tell you, but soon” and it really irks the shit out of me that I pay $600 a year for that kind of response.

  • About time

  • Great shot man. What lens were you on if you don’t mind my asking?

  • Beautiful!

  • Sam Hurd Photography Are you editing .tiff files or how are you using raw files in lightroom?

    • Huh? LR edits RAW images… why wouldn’t it? I’m confused.

    • Lightroom does not support the Mark IV as of right now

    • Because it doesn’t support 5D MK iv files yet

    • Raw file 🙂

    • Sam Hurd Photography so mysterious

    • Alex Barrera right 😂😂😂

    • Alex Barrera, Sam is just happy with the idea that he is doing something no one understand how he did it !! 😂😂

      Let him live the moment… 😄👌🏻

    • And btw u can use the canon DPP usually the canon pics react better specially in shadows and basic retouch on dpp than LR

  • Lissa Van Eesbeeck

  • Shadow noise/DR is much improved. How far did you pull up shadows on this?

  • i love this! love!

  • Oh how I love this.

  • Sam – question is…whose colors do you think are true to life – Nikon or Canon?

  • finally

  • Similar to d5

  • Daniel Souza Vaz

  • Hey Sam! Does this mean that you’re thinking of making the switch to Canon or are you just testing it? I know you were previously partial to the Nikon D750 and then D5. I’m a Nikon user and I’m just curious.

    • yup! i’m surely thinking of a switch

    • Sam Hurd Photography what about the 1dx mark ii ??

    • Mostafa Serry seems like overkill for weddings and portraits?

    • Sam Hurd Photography I can’t wait to pitch my Nikon gear. Working with the ultra flat raws and colors in lightroom for the last two years has been a nightmare for me. The 5d iv fills all the missing gaps that have so far prevented me coming back to Canon. 😀

    • Marek Kunicki sorry for intruding like this, but the ultra flat raws and colors are not Nikons problem, it’s about Lightroom not reading NEF files correctly. I solved that problem when i jumped from LR to CaptureOne, it reads NEFs perfectly, plus it’s faster than Lightroom, handles tonal correction much better etc. Why would you ditch probably thousands of $ in gear, instead of simply changing your software (about 200& investment?)…

  • You’re my hero

  • Prism fun, Sam?

  • I wish I could edit MKIV files in LR (without going through DPP first)

  • JUST ordered one. Hopefully I get it before I head to the Grand Canyon and Zion NP for a week. Wish I could get my hands on a few files to play around with in Lightroom to see the capabilities.

  • Sam… Has the auto focus improved from the 5D3? I remember you got rid of all your Canon gear as you weren’t impressed with the 5D3 AF performance. Thanks!

  • I’m guessing

  • Thanks 🙂 I was about to switch to Nikon

  • So you got a free mk iv for saying how awesome it is and that you are thinking of switching?

    • Uh, if $3500 is the new free then yes.

    • And I’m pretty sure that legally I’d have to disclose if that were the case. I never get free cameras!

    • If I was a camera company I would give Sam Hurd cameras for (under) exposure 😉

  • Shristi Dhandharia

  • Would love to know how your editing these raw files.

  • I don’t think they are RAW files….I could be wrong.

  • Hi Sam, what is The lens of this photo? Thanks

  • Just hack the EXIF peeps!

  • Boumm!

  • Diana Albrecht

  • Hi Sam, so what’s the workflow here with the mark iv’s? I have 2 sat on the bench until LR has an update.

  • but ive already taken my d810 to 10000 iso for a normal shot… many times…

    • The point is it’s with a canon body. It’s not as good as the d5 (but close). Cleaner than the d810

    • Sam Hurd Photography it is clean =) i was just being that guy for the fun of it – i’d love to see your 5d4 worklfow sometime!

  • Tony Fellas, Aaron Andrew Fellas Arnold you might like to see ☺️

  • LOVE

  • Nice. The Nikon D5 does well up to 65,000 ISO but you can shoot up to 256,000 ISO. Catch up Canon!

    • I haven’t found that to be true. Not much useable at all over 40,000 on the d5

    • I have it. I’m pretty fond of it. But that’s where the noise creeps in for me.

    • The 5d iv has a solid, very usable ISO 25,600 file. 12,800 is good enough to shoot a whole wedding ceremony with. And for $3,000 less than a D5. The 5d iv surpasses the Nikon D750 at these very high ISO’s, at least that’s what it looked like in my tests. Not necessarily better noise wise, because it’s not, but there’s better color and dynamic range left over. You can push the ISO 12,800 files a good bit and even the 25,600 ones before you start getting color noise in the shadows.

    • D5 has terrible low ISO shadow quality.. catch up Nikon!

  • oh Sam !! beautiful image ! I just shot my first session today with the 5dmkIVV so excited !

  • how’s the 5D4?

  • Aku leje je pakai iso800

  • Michael

  • Jorge Carlos Cortazar Sabido comprame mi canon mark iv

  • Whitney the 5dm4!!!

  • Yes!!!!

  • How’s the DR on the CM4?

  • Hey Sam Hurd Photography, one of things you liked about the 58mm was its character and unique focal length. I believe you disliked the 50mm 1.2 from Canon. Do you believe the Sigma will work for you or do you have other options?

    • Oh I love the 50 1.2 for the same reasons I love the 58 1.2

    • Sam Hurd Photography Sounds great. I wonder the things you could do if you find one of the Canon’s 50mm 1.0.

  • All of them look to me exactly the same!! I think only the photo in church is from nikon

  • Jeferson

    Show…mestre dos magos!!
    O q posso fazer para melhorar minhas fotos, Sam?
    Grande Abraço


  • Are you using the EXIF hack on your Mark IV files right now or editing from the jpegs?


    Excellent premiere of the 5DIV, Sam you are an alien from another planet! Beautiful pictures!

  • Canon – 1,4,5,6,7,9,15,16

  • Red tones from Canon sensors are unique

  • Holy moly

  • So are you going to leave us hanging?

    I’d be willing to bet they’re all from the 5D4.

  • After carefully inspecting all of these for about 3 seconds….I would have to guess that they are all shot with the new iPhone 7. You’re welcome everyone.

    • Sam Hurd Photography I also happened to carefully creep your workshop page and concluded that I will see you in January in Rochester, NY.

  • Cant wait to play this game!

  • I’m gonna say…. all Canon!

  • I can’t believe I’m saying this as a guy who shoots Canon, but the good ones are shot with the Nikon.

  • don’t see any substantial difference, Sam. was this a trick question? 🙂

  • Earl

    Pictures look great, because of the great photographer behind the camera.
    5DmIV is most definitely a great tool, too bad it’s a couple of years late. Switched from Canon 5DmIII to Sony A7Rii for professional wedding work last year, after having tried the new 5D I’m even more happy that I did it.

  • Awesome as usual Sam

  • Neal, Tanay, Daniel

  • High light over exposure = Canon
    Blue sky = Nikon. ( my opinion folks)

  • As long as the photos are awesome I don’t care what name it wears. 🙂

  • Navdeep Soni

    Is it a mix of NIkon and Canon or purely MK4

  • They look like they are all Canon except #8

  • Ritchie

    Cool shots there, Sam. I love the featured image you used. Very creative.

    About the 5D MIV, too expensive and difficult to shift. I would love to go for 5D but I would have to sell all my nikon just to get one body and one lens. I’ll have to stick with Nikon for landscape photography.

  • Sam Hurd Photography should I sell my d750 and buy a mark iv?

  • Girish

    BEautiful pictures Sam.
    I recently got to use the 5dmarkiv it’s a great camera! Higher on the price though. I love canon’s focusing system though.
    Shifted to Nikon from 6d Canon in 2015 Oct. I think I did a sensible move. Using d750’s now.