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workshop wedding photography // the epic charleston, sc

we came. we saw. we conquered… twice.

// workshop wedding photography by sam hurd

charleston wedding photography

charleston photography workshop for wedding photographers

couple laughing together in charleston south carolina

creative wedding photographer

tilt shift photography portraits

freelensing photography technique

couple laughing together

charleston portrait sessions

couple laughing


freelensing technique


prisming photography technique

rgb creative photgoraphy technique

charleston portrait session

charleston wedding photographers

engagement session

awesometrees in charelston south carolina

group photo from the epic workshop review

charleston workshop grou photo

amazing cloud in charelston south carolina

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  • These photos are amazing…I love the surreal mix with portraits, for a truly unique photography perspective!

  • This photos were amazing! The light and scenes are perfect!

  • Hello Sam, nice picture.
    have you used filter or only digital files for trichrome?
    Thank you for you feedback

  • Timo

    how work this picture with the double exposure (is it one?) and the colored people?

  • Rehana

    Hi Sam! I’m curious if you’ve used a Trichrome technique on the color exposed folks or if you did it digitally? I love a lot of your oldschool techniques!