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In 2012 I developed a technique using a simple prism to create in camera light distortions, reflections,  and flare.


I aptly called what I was doing “prisming” and shared a detailed blog post about what I was doing.

The concept was shared extensively across the internet on sites such as Fstoppers, Gizmodo, Petapixel, Cnet, and published in magazines such as Popular Photography.


Needless to say, I was thrilled with wow interested photographers were in an idea I hatched by pure experimentation and luck while browsing a science shop on amazon one night.




The effects that are created with a prism are some of my favorite, because the result is always unexpected and thrilling. It also adds a human touch to an image as you truly see the hands of the maker and no two images are alike.




I encourage everyone to stay inventive and push their own creative ideas continuously, but more importantly share what you discover with those around you. It’ll not only make you appreciated in your photography community, but will give you a reason to keep developing new ideas and not stagnate.

I’ve since developed many other techniques that I outline throughout my website and extensively in my group workshops that I host around the world.