I'm a craftsman.

I'm not much with words, but here we go...
I'm not much with words, but here we go...

My style is distinct, a result of both my unrelenting commitment to my craft and complete trust from clients who commission me.

You’re not going to read about any awards, badges, or “top 10 lists” because what matters is you’re in love with the work that you see and are ready to trust me entirely to do what I do. This trust drives me to find the perfect balance between creative experimentation and honest documentation.

I mostly showcase portraits; my direction and vision come through strongest in these shots. Of course, weddings are about more than just pictures of yourselves, and I’m happy to share full galleries with you upon inquiry.

I hope you like what you see. If you feel my approach could be the right fit for your wedding then contact me here.

-sam ([email protected])