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cheryl + jay // miami, fl wedding

it rained, but we made it work.

jay and cheryl are two fantastic wedding photographers themselves down in florida!

01-wedding-photographer-wedding 02-creative-bridal-portrait 03-walking-down-the-ceremony 04-groom-reaction 05-raining-wedding-ceremony-in-miami 06-double-rainbow-during-wedding-ceremony 07-first-kiss-in-the-rain 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 23 24 2017-02-05_000125 26 27

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  • great job!

  • Gorgeous! Idk why but as soon as I saw the shot of her with her camera, walking down the aisle, snapping that moment, made me tear up like a baby.

  • Bryan

    So amazing! Glad we got to see you edit that live in Orlando!

  • This is stunning. Every image you’ve shared over the last couple weeks should be in mainstream bridal magazines.

    • Especially this one 😉

    • Lol.. obviously. 😜

    • Annnnnnnnnd I just realized that I was mistaken on who I thought took the above photo! (I blame mommy brain.) The photo is still stunning and I imagine your photos should also be shared in magazines.

  • This is gorgeous.

  • Debasish Badhai

    This is wow,loved all of them 🙂

  • Every single image is amazing 🙂 the dog wins every time

  • Really feeling these. Props, Sam. I like how the bride didn’t give an f that her dress got dirty and that they rode away on a Triumph. Seems like a cool couple.

  • Amazingly beautiful post on your blog!

  • Liz Wilson

  • Wedding Photographer Surrey

    Beautiful piece of work.

  • Louise

    Beautiful. Looks like a fantastic day!

  • Ronald

    Hi sam! Do you usually bounce your flash during reception photos?

    • Sam Hurd

      yup! almost always