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the man with no expression

covered a little press event with the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke. His ability to change interest rates with a single breathe make some say he’s even more powerful than the President. I just saw a man who wasn’t allowed to make any real expression. Apparently every single thing he does is analyzed as an indication of how our economy is doing.

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  • That’s really beautiful stuff!

  • Wow, great stuff. Good composition and you did get some good expressions even though he has no expression :p.

  • Great coverage as always, Sam. Love the very last one.

  • Those look great! That’s funny about his expression, but I am sure it’s true that he can’t.

  • I love stuff like this. So completely different than a wedding but yet just as moving. 🙂

  • great shots. I love how you frame every single photo. awesome story telling as well.

  • Great photo-journalistic work, shows how much emotion can be conveyed when a good artist creates the photos, even of a man who has no expressions.

  • You caught him with a couple of smiles at least. Terrific work – really like the black and white images that you mixed in.

  • Great photos, I love your post processing, I have no idea how you do it, but keep doing it!

  • Your compositions are absolutely compelling, great documentary work here.

  • Rae

    Great coverage… there is a twinkle in his eyes in a couple of the pics 🙂 I’m curious as your post processing but it’s great!!

  • It takes a true artist to create beauty in a seemingly normal environment. You have incredibly interesting and inspiring work here, very well done.

  • Great post and some great shots Sam. His lack of expression was even getting a little comical for me towards the end. How can someone be such a blank slate? Great work. The first shot’s lighting is perfect.

  • Great photojournalistic work here. I love the post production…everything looks so natural. Very well done.

  • Sam

    thanks all 🙂 and yeah…it’s surprising how dramatically things can change when you shoot thru stuff. the first shot is shot between a tripod and a guy standing. really darkened the sides and made the photo ultra dramatic

  • Wow, you really did a great job on these! I feel like they should be in Newsweek or something.

  • Great work! I really love your processing. 🙂

  • That’s some gorgeously simple post work.