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Gear Review // Ari camera bag by Incase

Click here to read my full review of the Art camera bag by Incase

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  • Hi Sam,

    I am surprised you only use one body for weddings. Would be really interesting to hear what you think about 1 vs 2 bodies?


    • 2 bodies are annoying to carry around… that about sums it up

  • rick

    Great review! I’ve been looking into these new incase bags

    I’d like to know more about your 50mm free lensing modification

  • Rick

    What LED light are you using??

  • Sam, do you not carry any speedlites/strobes to weddings??

  • Alex Mey

    Great review! I have one question, however. Where did you find the cover for your macbook? I’d love to get one similar.

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