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nessa visits santorini
nessa visits santorini
nessa visits santorini

santorini. where they literally applaud the sunset.

01-santorini-wedding-photographers 02-santorini-wedding-photographers 03-santorini-wedding-photographers 04-santorini-wedding-photographers 05-santorini-wedding-photographers 06-santorini-wedding-photographers 07-santorini-wedding-photographers 08-santorini-wedding-photographers 09-santorini-wedding-photographers 10-santorini-wedding-photographers 11-santorini-wedding-photographers 12-santorini-wedding-photographers 13-santorini-wedding-photographers 14-santorini-wedding-photographers 15-santorini-wedding-photographers 16-santorini-wedding-photographers 17-santorini-wedding-photographers 18-santorini-wedding-photographers 19-santorini-wedding-photographers 20-santorini-wedding-photographers 21-santorini-wedding-photographers 22-santorini-wedding-photographers 23-santorini-wedding-photographers 24-santorini-wedding-photographers 25-santorini-wedding-photographers 26-santorini-wedding-photographers 27-santorini-wedding-photographers 28-santorini-wedding-photographers 29-santorini-wedding-photographers

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  • Bekah

    These are just amazing!!

  • Dani K

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. And the locations were pretty fab, too.

  • Robyn

    These are proper gorgeous!

  • Ron

    Sam Hurd! What an amazing series of photos. My 2016 resolution is to get more photos of my lovely (and extremely patient) girlfriend during our escapades abroad. What did you use to capture these images? I’ve been playing around with my D750 and 35 1.8G and have been getting some really great results, although I am not too sold on the idea of taking a full frame DSLR for travel 🙂

  • David

    Sam, these photos are legitimately bringing a tear to my eye with how beautiful they are. I love everything about them! The grain, the warmth, the skin tones, the mood.

    Pray tell, was this shot with the Leica?