The Epic Detroit

I’m so excited to host a workshop in Detroit!

It’ll be Tuesday March 22nd 2016.

The workshop is a full day and includes lunch. Limited to 12 people.

If you have any problems registering or submitting payment please contact me at [email protected]

  • business // targeting clients. pricing. branding.
  • equipment // what i bring and why i travel light.
  • work flow // import. backup. optimize. prioritize.
  • epic portraits // the who. the why. the how.
  • live shoot // posing. what i look for in a scene. being inspired by and for your clients.
  • technique // freelensing. lens chimping, prisming. color spreading, anamorphics.
  • post processing // lightroom 6. photoshop. how i process quickly and consistently.
Recent Reviews and Insights
I attended The Epic workshop in San Francisco in Oct 2015. I highly recommend his workshop for those looking to gain inspiration, expand their craft and experiment with prisming, lens chimping etc. He’s an incredible artist and I was surprised by how friendly and approachable he was. The class touches on his gear, technique, workflow for editing and album design, client communication and organization. It is not a sales workshop on marketing, social media, networking or profitability. He would probably need to have a second day for this as the workshop was pretty jam packed as is.
What a couple of days. My 3rd work shop with a high profile photographer. What can I say, Sam is on a level and gives everything, he doesn’t hold anything back and let’s you get your hands on the range of equipment he brought. A seriously talented individual though such a genuine guy. Highly recommended.
I was very nervous about spending a good amount of money on a one day workshop, to be quite honest. I didn’t know if I would be learning anything that I didn’t already know, or wouldn’t be useful. The FIRST thought I had after the class was that I would have paid double for that information! I am SO glad I took the workshop! I learned so many new and fantastic techniques- and while practicing shooting, I picked it up immediately! Thank you SO MUCH Sam! I couldn’t be happier!!