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sony a7s review // sony a7s vs a7r

Click here to read my full sony a7s review and a comparison between the a7s vs a7r by Sam Hurd

sony a7s review

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  • Birk

    Absolutely brilliant photos, but I think the A7s will be better for a videographer than it is for photographers.
    The video features are quite astounding and it is capable of around 15 stops of dynamic range in S-log2 (PP7) which is insane for a HDSLR!
    This said, it has been called the closest you can get to a medium format without actually buying one.

  • Chris

    Nice review! What lenses are you using for the last series of shots outdoors in the forest/field/lake?

  • I think it will be a while before these sony cameras actually becomes a choice for pro or semi pro work work !

  • Anonymous

    “The a7s also uses contrast detection autofocus which is a real bummer because the a7 uses phase detect, which is far better.”

    The on sensor PDAF implemented by Sony is poor (except for the a6000). It’s marketing hype. Trust me when I say my a7s when shooting with native e-mount lenses focuses much more quicker and accurately than my old a7 in low light condition. It can focus accurately in almost near darkness.

  • This is an awesome review. I am doing one myself as I have switched from Canon as my staple to the new A7S. Check it out!

  • Just wanted to say these are my favorite pictures I’ve seen taken with the A7s so far. Not to say you couldn’t have shot any of these on your D4s, but I like your style. I just got mine (I shoot a mix of video and stills) and the overall verdict is still out. I’m liking it for stills so far, but I haven’t really tested much video yet. The menus feel a bit clunky, and there are definitely some features that I’m missing vs the 5D. It seems difficult to properly judge exposure based on the EVF. Fuji did a better job of that w/the X-T1. The other thing I loved about the X-T1 was the .5 second image review. The image pops up briefly in the EVF and then you can get right back to shooting the next shot. the 2 second option in the A7s feels like an eternity. I ended up just shutting it off altogether.

  • Sascha

    Hey Sam,

    Thank you so much for this recview.
    Currently I am choosing between the Sony A7s and the Nikon DF.
    Frankly, it seems that the Sony will give better IQ and better ISO perfomance while the Nikon gives an higher Mpix count, more lenses as well as an unique retro design. I have read both of your reviews regarding the DF and the a7s and I saw that you ditched the DF for the a7s.
    I just wanted to ask about your personal preferences to put the a7s over the DF.

    For me personally, most appealing on the DF is its classic look making you want to go out and shoot. Mirror or Mirrorless doesn´t realy play a role for me…I am looking for an everyday/allround camera to take with me, for daily life and traveling. Also I am already experienced with manual focus lenses.

    I am looking forward to read about your opinion!

  • I recently picked up both of these cameras and love them. I’m a hybrid video/stills shooter, so having cameras that do both exceedingly well is great. I sold my entire canon system and am not missing it for a second.

  • bristo

    HI, nice review but what about vignetting with A7S when using leica lenses like 35mm and 50mm compare to A7?
    best regards